Monday, August 07, 2006

My daughter and I learned to knit last night, and it ain't the purl stitch, just the knit stitch so far which we dutifully plod, row by row. We're determined to be crafty, symbolic as we click our needles together, mother and daughter, and attempt to weave together something that lasts in the coming weeks. I've got the blue, she the green, and we compare our stitches and rows on our fledgling new venture. We know perseverance awaits us; we know each row represents another day together; And so we click. She's a sweet girl when she reminds me of our earlier dear times together when she was a girl and we frequently painted or baked or beaded. Dear Lord, I pray, "Let us knit in peace through the fall, and may there be submission to your process always and may you encourage love, embody love for us."

On another note, Cody was baptized this evening, plunged under the chlorinated water, after agreeing to Christ' spiritual leadership. He told me beforehand that he was half-minded about it, fearing the embarrassment with everyone staring at him, not fully knowing if he wanted Jesus to be his forever friend. Yet, he chose to agree, and submitted, and dipped, and rose in retrospect of the rising. Ah, embodiment of love towards us.

Finally, one of my best friends is moving to North Carolina this week. I am quite grateful for her wonderful grace in my life. Where others may discern and condemn, she always offers grace, encouragement , water for my soul during our weekly runs or frequent emails or various calls. She's fun too and giggly and tall and pretty and a musician on my ipod, and I've been blessed by her gifted presence as pal. I will miss her very much. Tomorrow is our last Monday run together, and then some of her other friends and I are taking her to lunch for a last farewell. Thank you, Lord, for friends who embody your love to help us know that we're worthy of it. Bless her new adventure.

God is good even during transitions. May we cling ever so tighter to his unending love.

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alaiyo said...

Glad you are having some lovely times! I know you are enjoying them fully.