Wednesday, August 30, 2006

As I write, Cody creates a game map for Photodude-asis, the brave character who must do his duty within the dangerous terrain of a leaf. I mean carbon dioxide clusters galore. Sticky icky glucose needing distribution. Water and oxygen currents aswirl. Go Photodude!

Of course, the hero only came about out of intense need due to lack of brain regurgitation. Last week, we read about the photosynthesis process in the science text, we collected leaves to examine their structures, we reviewed our notes; however, twice when Cody took a little comprehension grasp quiz, he would not remember a single thing about photosynthesis!

I bought this terrific little book which I had stashed away and forgotten about from Prufrock Press called "Talent Scout: Units for Developing Multiple Talents" based on the Multiple Intelligences concept. In it, the educator provides various methods to arrive at understanding by using: kinisthetic; empathetic; personal connection; musical; and spatial approaches. I'm hooked! I think this will work with Cody. Now to go look through all my lessons to create some of these components...

Perhaps I can only do this because of being off sugar for three weeks and two days....? :) Just had to subtly brag there. And, of course, with an outright brag comes an issue of accountability for oneself in order to avoid being the prideful fool. Anyway, obviously, I'm still looking for reasons to not cave to my cravings! No one say the word "Butterfinger" to me, pa-leaze. :)

Take care!


alaiyo said...

You are doing great, girl!

I went off sugar (most of the time) a while back and find that it really helps me with weight -- I can maintain weight so much more easily now. (I can even have soem chips and dip now and then without too much problem if I'm not eating sugar.) As soon as I start eating sugar again, up it goes -- and once I begin it's really hard to stop again.

I've discovered that Russell Stover sugar-free candy is good enough (their chocolate is great!) to keep my sweet tooth happy if I let it. And I've made cheesecakes and cookies with aspartame (Splenda tears up my stomach) and they've turned out just fine.

Hang in there! It's worth it for all kinds of reasons, and there are others of us struggling along with you!



Fieldfleur said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It's wonderful to hear your success story, though. And, yes!, I'm finding that I've lost that stubborn five pounds since beginning this. Monday will be five weeks, and I feel quite better and desirous of continued change.

Sometime you just got to do what ya gotta do, I reckon.

Take care,