Friday, August 18, 2006

Afternoons beg for ice cream. A quick hop in the car and I'm sidling up to the window where the cheery redclad teen hands me that whipped tousled pile of cream with glistening specks of Butterfinger, all for me to redspoon hunker into and perhaps finish before the two mile trip home. I'm totally tasting it now, imaginatively that is since ...

I'm deep into the second week of living sugar free. My symptoms were: depression, headaches, puffy eyes, mood swings, mental confusion (finally, something to blame this on!:). We have diabetes on both sides of my family which tells me that to live a more quality life, I must look honestly at my sugar intake.

handfuls of chocolate chips from the Sam's bigbag
brownies for my "kids"
kettle corn for supper
lemon ice in the afternoon

are several examples of my problem. Besides diabetes, I'm also worried about Alzheimers as new research is showing a connection between high sugar diet and increased possibility of this or dementia. In my 40's, I'm already showing signs of dementia! (Or, the "Big Change" perhaps)

Therefore, no sugar for me. No quick rushes to the head anymore. No crashes for the full blown out effect of over-the-top insulin production. I decided to just stop the cycle. During the first week, I felt the withdrawal symptoms, but this week, I have felt awesome. My moods are not sabatoging me. The healthy food I've been replacing the sugar with is doing its work too.

The tough part, though, is that apple pie season is just around the corner. Oh my. Sugary apple pies are the best. This blog has fully described that season a couple of times at least. And, guess what?.... A bag of apples from mom-in-law awaits in the basement....

I hate it when two good things must be weighed in each hand. Mental confusion returns even when sugar is thought about, which ought to give me a clear cut direction: bake the pie with Splenda instead. We'll see ....... !


Rebecca said...

I need to do this. I have done it two or three times in my adult life. For the first three days, maybe four, I am completely miserable and grouchy. Then, slowly things begin to taste better, I feel healthy and normal again. Then someone has a birthday and I blow it. I did this right before Easter this year and ended up eating the ENTIRE lamb cake, I kid you not, by myself over the course of three days. Maybe I should try now since there are no holidays for a while!

Fieldfleur said...

The ENTIRE lamb cake?:) Stay away from the wolf in sheep's clothing! I'm worried about Halloween, for sure. Yet this feels so good to not have sugar coursing through my system, making me sluggish, etc. I found a yahoo too that's a decent support. If you want to try it again and need an accountability person, let me know! It'll help me be strong too.