Monday, August 02, 2004

to whittle

In my last post, I left you with the image of a scroungy white farm dog leaping from round bale to round bale in a corner lot. I think I compared that to us, and the beauty of leaping, from one thing to the next. Yet the periphery of Vietta and lil' Ilene's farm world, across or under the barbed fence into the big yard, appears a bit more constant, although pretty soon Ilene might leap to where Vietta is, but I can't think about that at all now. The speed matters really. I want to slow it down sometimes and make them all stay with me. But, there goes Bo leaping, and it's only natural to love the movement, to flow, and to ebb. Yet, it often hurts, the transition.
All this sounds melancholic now thanks also to Tim Burton (thanks Tim for matching moods tonight) as we watched "Big Fish" here in town, in the cul-de-sac, down in the basement. Amazing stuff, the archetypes, the river, the comment "because you know church folk drive slow" .... it's true; there is a river with slow church folks driving to it! "Slow and steady now; we ain't got supper on the back burner." I can hear them now. Voices of the stodgy, but sure.
The stories, though, convey that imagination matters. What is truth but imagination in a way (now, that comment doesn't dismiss reality)? I am always amazed at the ancient eastern earliest-known religions imaginative spin. What turned that in such fanciful ways? Fear? Love of the earliest inventor? Knowledge? It fascinates me, and although I "know" through an embrace, itself mysterious, I want to explore more and acknowledge something of it in my life. Acknowledge how that creative force with all of its images and stories has worked throughout time. It's important and urgent. Shouldn't we all be learning?
Yet, the two sides (studious,active) combine, and I become busy and distracted. I boil-can pepper jelly and such so that I can, oh yeah, give the "scent of farm" to townies. :)
Well, I'm just glad that movies and dogs and church drivin' slow people bring me back into thinking. Now, if I had something to whittle with here above my laptop on my modern kitchen counter top....

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