Saturday, August 21, 2004


The corn boils on the stove. The corn sits in the sack. The corn waves in the air. As one might surmise, we've been to the corn farm where my husband was raised. He remembers detassling. He remembers combining. He remembers row upon row. Maybe that's why he excels at math, and I don't; it's hard to calculate trees in a woods -- saplings simply spring up with no official line-up to salute to the sun, or the overhead, overlord farmer who quantifies the kernels.
My country mother-in-law differs from my mother. She says what's on her mind. She used the word "bitch" today which her grandson quickly chided her on. Over lunch, she talks about an acquaintances' 'swollen testicles', a health issue he's battled for a while now (my daughter and I can't help but giggle). She generously makes poor pie. However, she's a worker too like Ilene and jumps up with the slightest encouragement for a task. I feel like her great-grandmother. The farm lulls me into deep relaxation, while she sprints around on her barefeet to fetch things. She hugs easily, grabs us, pulls me in tightly too. She used to date the gay preacher in her parts; now she has a boyfriend named Dale who just passed gallstones. They're a giggly pair and went on vacation together recently (Lutherans allow that if'n there's two rooms, or at least two beds). My husband's father passed away about three years ago, so she can have her fun now with Dale out in Wyoming.
Corn. Corn. Must boil more and more corn tonight since I'm freezing it for the winter.
That's my job to boil corn. I'm all about corn. Merci, le Dieu, pour le beaucoup corn. It's corn time here in my house. Why did I get a college degree to boil corn?
C'est la vie. The busy ant stays fed during the winter terrorist attack. Now, what happened to that duct tape? Got the corn. Husks can be used to start fires in case the heat goes out. Corn husks can be fashioned into loin cloths in case the clothes get blown off. Corn husks can be used for weapons, writing instruments, coinage units, stew, diapers, palmpilots, guitars, toilet paper. Use your imagination.
Yes! I do believe I have a bona fide corn calling tonight!

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