Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We are in a bit of an upheaval right now family wise. There may be an exchange with my mother in a couple of hours. I love the verse that says that God will grant us wisdom if we ask for it. Aiich to trust myself in knowing what to do ... I'd rather trust him and just go forward the best I can, with the consultants I can, with the prayers and pleas we have. The day isn't over, so we're hunkering incapable of doing much but tossing it upwards in trust.

Last night, a friend and I attended a bluegrass class together. The teacher is a lovely sweet man who conducts we random mandolin, banjoes, guitars for two hours while he smiles, hops around, demonstrates pick hold.

He finally arrived at a point where we were entrusted with a tune. The classical guitarist in the corner, the old man grandpa-jones on the banjo beside me, the frightened young woman with her G runs, myself, a bit oversure on the mandolin, and the other six permeated the room with our cacophony. Our teacher got a quizzical scientist look on his face, and said, "Yes, we'll work on that one over time."

The song was highly familiar to me, and it made me grin with its reference to hoe-cakes, cabbage, possom in a 'simmon tree, ole coon dog ... Made me swallowed up all over again by the memories of the Ozarks. Pickin' and grinnin' during hard times shore does make them easier.

Bile them cabbbage down, onwards and upwards.

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