Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Blackberry cobbler
Chocolate cheesecake brownies with chips
Gooseberry cobbler
Iced chocolate brownies
Chocolate chip cookies

Ah I wanted them all. My uncle spooned his blackberry cobbler out lovingly from his stained styrofoam cup and said, "She makes the best cobbler." About 15 minutes later, his brother, my dad, forked up the sweet goo of his gooseberry cobbler and commented, "Mmmmm, she makes the best cobbler ever." I belong to this family, at this reunion; all my kinfolk were slurping up sugary substances and were transported into the angel's band due to yes, white, heavenly sucrose. I stared and asked them to describe in detail the taste. Since August 14th, I have crazily not partaken of my favorite, genetically-imbued taste: sugary sweetness. The weekend was difficult, but I think what's worse is that the sight of those delectables have caused a craving for these last three or four days that I haven't experienced yet. Too, in October, I become poised for sugary flow due to Halloween candy, apple pie baking, late night brownie mixin'. Oh, geez, I need to stop; for sure, I'll dream tonigh about pouring an unbaked cake mix down my throat.

The positive side of this is that I did not once feel bloated and overfull this weekend. My extra "five" are gone; the tire around the waist has been deflated; my mind feels less glazed than ever.

Oh darn. This has been a totally good thing! Ploddin' on, ploddin' on.....


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