Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We had four boys here yesterday, and I daresay, the play went well. When I watch Cody smile and hear him practice flexibility, I know that he's improving tremendously. After reading some of the entries on the Asperger-At-Home yahoosupport homeschooling group, I acknowledge that Cody has a mild case comparatively, and I should be thankful always. To be fair to the Christian mother who pointed out his deficienies, she did it out of protection for her young kids. As I explained further, she opened up her heart and trusted and the play time was simple boy fun with video games and outdoor running and big smiles. Cody was not confronted with a shut door, and he behaved fairly well. I should know ~~ I'm the mother who watches and critiques and pulls him aside and takes note like a scientist practitioner. The mother did not know me either like, say, many women in my church. Yes, generally, there are issues in Christian circles with accepting plurality, I believe; however, I don't want to criticize her specifically, even though her comments brought up a wave of fear and despair. Cody definitely has some social learning still ahead of him. I definitely can learn more about teaching him too, even in a more diligent way. I do become overwhelmed with the task, yet he gives me much back in return. It's difficult to imagine being the mother of any other kid.

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