Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another Christian homeschooling mother, a pastor's wife, just tried to break up her boys' friendship with Cody. I've been quite sad since yesterday at co-op when he was rambunctious, acting out, socially wonked. This is Asperger's Syndrome rearing itself, and the reaction from the crowd is of misunderstanding, and oft, rejection. However, once I explained, painfully disclosed, to her, she agreed to let her boys play. I proposed setting time limits which we are going to do. It's just that Cody is such a good kid with a good heart. He loves his Bible time; he loves to play; he wants to do well; he wants to be a good friend. Christian mothers, please show automatic grace to others. My friend from the secular homeschool group offered us unconditional acceptance from the start for which I have supreme gratitude.

In other news, the stars were merry this morning at 5:30, twinkling on the trail as we headlampers ran towards our course mark. I went five miles for the first time in a long time, thanks to the aid of Maggie, a new friend who turned off where I did, up by the lonely Reactor and baseball field, up up and up towards the ending lot. A few miles, a bunch of stars, a swath of grace.


Cindy said...

...a swath of grace.

I like that. A lot. May Cody dance life upon his own swath of grace, surrounded by good friends dancing at his side.

Fieldfleur said...

Thank you for that blessing, Cindy. You are treasured!