Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I love it when the tree shadows play tag with the sunlight through my windows, on my counters, kitchen table, carpet. My house becomes illumined with life and movement and goodness. The pets find it to swat, nap, jump aboard interactively. One of the granted pleasures from above.

Tomorrow, we go up toward the sun on the big plane. We'll cross the ocean with its untold depths, with its Titanic wreckage, with its huge whales, with its swarms of tiny microbe life, and land in England. Right now, I can't even imagine the whole, long journey, and the ability to say, "Tomorrow I'll be in a different part of the world." I am an admitted simpleton!

Two weeks might (still nervous about the flight) pass, and I'll be admitted back into my kitchen of dappled light and trapsing kitten and meal responsibility. Okay, forget I mentioned that last one. Kind-of ruined the mood.:) I'm sure I'll be happy to see it all, yet I'm so happy to leave it behind for a while. Admitted escapist too!

So, au revoir!, for a while. I'm sure I'll have stories for later!


lady laura said...

Have a glorious trip!!

Cindy said...

I love your description of shifting sunlight and shadows. Slows me down and helps me appreciate our own lightshow here. Have a good trip, and when you get back, if you want to answer some book questions, there's an inviation for you over at Quotidian Light. :)

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