Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I swear that my life is about one thing and one thing only. On my lap, that thing rubs next to me before jumping down to play with a marble. Those thing(s) (it is a plural raison d'etre) need my butler, maid, and cook services. Seems like every time, I look at my door, I see an imploring head with ears, with whiskers staring steadfastedly at me. Boring a hole into my blindness. Telling me how things are in the cold, hungry world. Every so often, they show me a big mole, or a baby rabbit, or a shredded bird. They say, "That Meow Mix is dry. You force us, you know." I know, and I'm sorry so I let them in. Trixie (the babiest) was born in May to Cassie (the cuddly calico); Sammy, old, grumpy, is beautiful with creative&stark black and white markings. He growls upon the other cats' approach. He is the untouchable, czar-ish. I serve.

Serving is common when you love, I guess. These past days, I've been serving, researching my son's chronic cough. I looked at all the lung diseases on a helpful site, and I've conferred with the doctor. Seven-nine months out of the year for the past 4-5 years. Too much suffering. Surely the doctors can help us. Today, after my crown replacement (too much candy pulled it off!! The dentist is a friend, and he made fun of me!), I went to the pediatrician's next door and talked to her, and we have a plan. Blood work. Lung x-ray. More allergy tests. Another Cystic Fibrosis test. Sinus medicine. Scripts and more scripts. C'mon now. It's gotta be found. We go to an endicrinologist on November 11th due to his delayed growth. Surely all of these physical/neurotic symptoms fit together. I'm not going to stop searching. Please, help, divine mother and father, uncover. I love him so much.

The election, c'est fini! Kerry conceded this morning to Bush. Although not an overt Bush supporter at all, I agree that the transitionary new government phase will be avoided this way. Our country probably needs as much security as we can get.

I have much to do today (tomato soup to eat on the stove. Love tomato soup; florentine tomato soup is wonderful, probably easy to imitate and make. Soup is soothing. Tells me that 'things will get done' and 'life will be lived in a good, deep, interesting manner'. Need the soup. Slurp.). Our Wednesday evening group meets tonight, and I've not focused much. All I'll have to do with the larger group is to introduce a dance number and a speaker. My details, though, have not tied together well this week. I think it will go well, though.

Until another day,

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