Saturday, February 13, 2016

~~~  Flight School ~~~~

Even now, as I look at my past earnest notes, my
Head swirls. Math. Science. History. Find Scott
Joplin resources. Something about President Cleveland
Not being able to read his inauguration paper.

You had a piano teacher named Ms. Shaw. I taught
You guitar and Constitution at Lamppost Co-op.
On Tuesday, you were supposed to watch a
Star Trek show before Taekwondo and then,

Suddenly, all my plans end, and there’s blank
Page after blank page. During this phase of
homeschooling, we must have been
jumping, jumping, jumping. ADHD trampoline

homeschool. Do you remember Whoever got
Pokemon toys Chicorita&Poliwhirl off from a hard
bounce -- also Pooh and a big marble or two –
Would win? Over and over they sailed up

Newton's-law-lesson to thump down on the ground.
I’d have a book nearby and we’d read history
Told in stories and lie there looking up at
The clouds floating by, moving, not required

To be static, meandering, sliding, untied
To the earth or chair. I learned to do
A side aerial flip with you my little boy
wisp as we flung ourselves up unwired.

copyright TWW


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