Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Planet Plano

Now we are in a downtown Dallas, waiting for a Mavericks / L.A.Clippers game.  A birthday gift for my husband.

It has been a happy day in Texas. The wait in Plano panned out.  The boy likes the place. It could possibly be The Place! It  fits him in many ways:  no college classes required, just straight-up, high-tech training.  We met three other computer nP students who attested that they liked it there. These autistic young adults are so cool.  I loved them all.  And, I loved the leaders.

Guess what?  They are Christians. I think this sealed the deal for all of us once we talked about our faith openly. Maybe God does make some things clear. Even my reluctant-to-change husband was swayed. The son said he could envision living and working there. He could get an apartment close by maybe with a roommate. We are all imagining that this is possible.

Afterwards, we ate at one of the myriad restaurants (we had even shopped earlier). Perhaps Plano is the best place on the planet for my son. And, not a bad place for the parents to while away the time and spend some well-placed money.

We shall see.

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