Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lost in therapy

In the popular television series Lost, survivors of a plane crash find themselves upon a strange and dangerous island. Beasts of unknown proportion whip through cane and foilage to attack suddenly. A group of wild humans called the Others desire to war and capture the survivors for unknown purposes. Enemies of spirit, soul, and flesh seem to want to put an end to those who accidentally abide upon the beaches in meager shelters constructed from wreckage. Vulnerability defined.

Lovingly, I recalled this show tonight, as I walked toward DL's home nestled by a large cedar tree. I trailed my son whose guitar strap always trailed him in the dirt. Inside, two fiddles swung up and down, desiring "Soldier's Joy" reunion, desiring the pronouncement of war victory, war return, dancing cues, partner held, peace reigning upon the soldier's return home. An old tune of weighty- turned-jubilant times.

My shoulders started to relax.

I pushed my way inside the oval-framed door. Heard my fiddle friend's familiar laugh. Heard the Teacher encourage. Heard my son speak.

I could stop. Stop. Stop. It was truly enough.

Yet more was offered, and I brought an empty basket. And a mandolin. And a son. And one of my dearest oldest girlfriends was learning the fiddle in the lesson before us. She decided to stay, and we all sat in a circle. Cats around our feet. A dimmed light. A peacefulness and a brimming happiness overtook us.

Our son said to close our eyes while playing "Cripple Creek." And, we did, laughing at first, then removed by sound and seal, removed from everything but fingers and notes, and then opening to  restoration in one completed moment.

Our Teacher, DL, promotes such goodness. My son is healed while there, highly encouraged, happy. The finest therapy money can purchase. I am also healed. My friend once said that she is too.

When I think of the survivors on Lost, I remember that they too had such moments within a few discovered safe places, with people whom they could share such beneficent exchange. Darkness surrounding yet light splaying.

Grace, grow; spread; illuminate to rescue all.

Cody at Dierik's house one day.

D's cat.

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nsp said...

What a blessing!!