Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not forgotten

Writing in the blog, non. Living in the life, oui. I was reminded this week of how powerful writing can be to capture the fast-movement of life. I was reminded of my place here, an open square for words to write and capture.

For a writing assignment given to my freshmen students, I wrote about homemade ice cream. I created a sensory map in which I captured all the sensory details of the ice cream family event which we used to have each summer at Grandma Cora's house. The piece has captivated me. I keep reading it over and over again reliving all of those southern Missouri moments of that specific time which represented complete harmony in the universe to me. Grandma's laugh, the smell of the grass, the spicy smell of hydrangea, the feel of the hugging humidity, the sight of aunts, cousins, uncles in the lit circle by the food table, the cicadas, the men hunched over, turning, turning the crank, pouring in the ice, the creamy delectableness of the gift. Grandma's bustle and joy. The wealthy life. God and pleasure.

Therefore, motivated by the writer's desire for preservation, canning, going to the cellar and unscrewing the jar which holds experience.

Grateful for the ever present possibility.


Brian said...

I've missed your writing. Thanks for sharing.

Which part of Southern Missouri are you from? I grew up in Nevada (southwest - near Joplin).

Fieldfleur said...

Thanks, Brian. I'm going to have to learn how to be an official follower of your blog too! Yes, I know where Nevada is -- always the western town in my mind.
I grew up in Mtn. Grove, one hour east of Springfield.
Hope Seattle is treating you and the family well.