Monday, March 10, 2008

about a boy

I'm so worried about Cody today. Last night at a birthday party for one of the men in my bluegrass group, I was surrounded by their inquisitive wives and other women. They had multiple questions for me about Cody's perfect pitch, about his Asperger's, about, about, about. Today, fresh upon the thought, upon the concerned faces and encouragement, upon the memories of that lost little boy struggling desperately within normal expectations, I woke up realizing our journey and worried worried about his future path. He has found his gift of music, and we engage in it daily, yet he feels still so alone as it relates to his peers. The fear has gripped me again. Please, God, help him grow, releasing inhibitions, toxics, anger, fear, the harsh outer words of the world. Release me to trust you to take care of him. Amen and amen.


Jennifer said...

A journalist who has Asperger's is giving a speech tonight at 7 in Stotler Lounge at Memorial Union (North side). Maybe he could help assuage some of your fears?

Fieldfleur said...

Thanks for the caring tip, Jennifer, and I rec'd your message.


Lazy Susan said...

My boy misses your boy.

alaiyo said...

Prayers for you, Teri, and your precious boy.

Keep helping him to see that those who matter are those who love and accept him, no matter what age he or they may be.

What a great kid -- martial arts, music . . . and so loved by so many lovely others.