Thursday, February 21, 2008


Today, it's gray once more, February and final(?) ice pellets. Public school was cancelled.

It's been a restful day. Cody and I are watching the story of Wilbur Wilburforce, the movie "Amazing Grace," the abolitionist movement in England. I wonder how Cody will process all of this information given him of oppression, of right-movements, of caring for human needs over economic. I don't want him to be self-centered, nor myself. There are still choices to be made in the world for good. The movie, in fact, seems quite relevant today despite the eventual ban on slavery. It's interesting how justification can always be made to turn away and not look. I want to teach him to stare and think and do.

Well, well, the hopes on a wintery day.

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alaiyo said...

Daniel and I watched _Amazing Grace_ just yesterday. What an excellent movie. Now I want to find some good bios on Wilberforce and read them. Daniel seemed impressed. I hope it has helped him see that success in even a godly endeavor takes time and perseverance . . .