Thursday, June 28, 2007

For those of you who haven't seen this while on the Mansfield shaggy square:), here is my new Bible which I received from my husband for my birthday. We went to the Christian store to preview the purchase, and I stared at the row and row of Bibles trying to make sense of it all. I saw "The Quest", which is my beloved first NIV version, yet it was a bulky hardback with a commercial looking picture on the front. Many Bibles employed the use of a famous evangelical guide (like Henry Blackaby) who commented bountifully upon the Scripture in forms of printed sermons tucked in between books. Quite arrogant, quite idolistic, I thought, no thanks.
I saw Bibles for men, children, teens, firefighters, nurses. Pink Bibles for women with pretty fonts grabbed my eye, yet again the didactic lesson-pointers/testimonies ruined the purity of the truth-language.
There were comparative Bibles, thick study ones with Greek and Hebrew, and parallel versions side by side, footnotes filling half the pages. Marginal boundaries crisscrossed all over, aiding the analytical reader in a pursuit of heady holy hermeneutics. Not a relaxing read for my morning coffee at the kitchen table, or on the deck, or in the coffee shop. Too intricate and dizzying.
Then, I saw her. A sweet, flower-embroideried, brocaded fabric with gold threads, and a leather hold which says: Holy Bible: ESV, English Standard Version, Crossway. Opening her pages, I encountered only the words of Scripture (with a few, few footnotes) for me to meditate on as I encounter them. Perfect!
We brought her home, my feminine window into God's language of wisdom and rescue and love (which isn't alway delicate, by the way), and I'm satisfied. We should be friends for quite some time if all goes well.


alaiyo said...

Nice! I enjoy my ESV, wish it were so pretty!


Fieldfleur said...

Thanks for contributing to my Bible worship. :)


Cindy said...

Since reverently holding that little beauty on "the Mansfield shaggy square," I have caught myself idly wondering how one might go about similarly attiring books or journals one already owns. :) Surely there's a way.

She's gorgeous, Teri. Hope you have many peaceful, fulfilling morning hours together.

Anonymous said...

I love this ESV edition called regency tapestry. I really wanted a flexible Bible. I very carefully unstuck the end pages and removed the rigid material and then reglued the end pages with rubber cement. It is wonderful! I could send a picture if you are interested. I wish Crossway would do this. Mary

Fieldfleur said...

Wow, a do-it-yourself pretty Bible project, Mary. Yes, send me a link to a picture of it.
Thanks for stopping by,