Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No Rock

Nothing against the gorgeous state of Arkansas and the fine people there, but hallelujiah!, we are not moving to Little Rock. I'm embracing the trail here as I run it, the friends over coffee, the church parking lot, the cheery cardinal that swoops now by my window, the perennials that are peeking up from my soil. I can remain a "Show-Me" girl, and I am mighty pleased, and did I mention hugging all that Missouri offers, every flyin', flowin', rooted, spittin', twangin', show-offin' thing? (even Branson and Republicans!). One big bunch of love goin' on here for the best state and people in the country! Don't you agree??



Cindy said...

Oh, I am so glad, so happy for you, Teri! There is something about one's home that seems indelibly etched on one's heart, isn't there?

Fieldfleur said...

Yes, thanks for celebrating with me, Cindy! Yippee!