Saturday, December 02, 2006

The big snow worries the kitten, although you can see behind him signs of his earlier play. "Let me in; this stuff is cold!" I did, but now he's out again in it. The early western sky this morning sits atop the blue house at the front of our cul-de-sac. Last night around midnight I trudged solitarily past it toward home, carrying a heavy laptop and work files. My husband's stubborn trip up from Arkansas left him stranded at the top of our street. You would think he could've chosen some mountainous ravine to slide into, but he chose our street, right in the middle, thankfully. It was wonderful and peaceful to be out alone at night in the 12 inch snow.

Earlier in the day, I earned the Elements! Warm bread and red wine were handed to me through the door by my cardiac-risky neighbor whose drive I shoveled. Now I can better understand Apostle Paul's spirit of service. I was quite pleased with the exchange!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful kitty! Did your other boy get out and play, too? I'm glad your husband made it home. Maybe there is something about men and snow and the urge to show it who's boss.

Fieldfleur said...

I think you're right, Cindy. :)Cody has been having fun on the sled. He screams "Whoa!" all the way down but comes back for more.