Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The foreign language public school teacher came out and shook my hand today when Cody hopped in the car after his class. She praised his efforts, and I could tell that she was proud of him as a student, despite some earlier difficulties. I'm proud too which is why I'm unabashedly sharing! He received a B+ for his class grade. Yeah!

My daughter's grandmother died earlier this morning of the cancer. It's all sad. I'm glad that I was able to say goodbye to her. My daughter is naturally extremely sad.

The elections ... wow! They're over. A calm is settling. The old pattern of change in the House and Senate happened during a president's second term. We'll see. Missouri here surprised me with its vote on several issues. Cody had thousands of political questions as we went to the polls, lit a candle yesterday for God's favor, and followed the coverage. All learning experiences.

I'm wresting with a huge country ham for a bookclub dinner tomorrow evening here at my home. I have a thousand things to do before approximately 16 women come over. Must stop blogging then!


Anonymous said...

God Bless you all at this time
In the precious name of JESUS AMEN
Hope your'e ok.
Love the yummy bread......

Fieldfleur said...

Thank you, Sunny! Hope all is well in "across the pond" in England!


Linda said...

I am a friend of Lazy Susie...we may have met briefly at a scavenger hunt. At any rate, have discovered, and LOVE, your blog. I was disappointed, however, not to find a picture of you ham wrestling! It would have been quite a picture, I'm sure!!!

Fieldfleur said...

Hi Linda,
Friend of Lazie Susie (as if lazy!). Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I should've had the picture of myself hunched over that big country ham with a surly frown on my face. That's the way it was, I'm sure! I do remember you from the Scavenger hunt, I think.
I'll check out your blog too.
Take care,